the last time I saw these people (jean and kenn) was on our high school graduation. currently, they are taking courses that involve a camera and clicking it. what they don’t expect is me getting involved in photography when in fact my course doesn’t require clicking a shutter button or smiling (with exception to when your professor made a corny joke or a joke that you already knew but you still need to smile or laugh for the sake of your grades).

we didn’t plan our Photowalk rock solid so this is how it went.

  • we were all late because we didn’t know that we’re still doing it
  • we ended up shooting at night instead of when the sun was up (but it was fun)
  • we didn’t have a model (nobody wants to haha)
  • we are not models so when we got there, we didn’t know how to start posing because there was a bunch of people having a meeting at the location we picked.

we still managed to get amazing photos. we love it and I hope you do too.

model: jean guansing


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