We planned this shoot but, only the location and not what is she going to wear or what kind of look am I going for.  When we were taking the photos, we were not satisfied with the poses and angles. But, soon after we captured the first decent one, creative juices were flowing. I am happy as to how it turned out. Here are some of them.


model: faye baligod

prod: trixie canonizado


“First of all, not a professional model here. James is a friend of mine, so he just kinda invited me to do a shoot. During the shoot, we were trying to do different angles, effects, and poses. It was quite challenging because it was windy at that time. James really help me in this shoot because he was like, “Do this-do that” “I want here-I want there” “Let’s try this”. And I think we really had some great result. But at the end of the day, it was not just a shoot; it was a fun and great experience with my friends.” – Faye Baligod



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